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Your wedding a few tips

If you’ve been taking Phentermine 37.5mg to ensure you fit in your wedding dress, you’ve likely been enjoying great success. However, the days leading up to your nuptials are undoubtedly full of temptations, from champagne to wedding cake and all the fattening foods in between. Rather than undoing some of your very hard work and feeling bloated in your wedding dress, check out a few tips for surviving the days leading up to saying “I do” and look amazing:

Engagement Party

Avoid drinking your weight at your engagement party, as alcohol is chock-full of empty calories. Some are worse offenders than others, such as beer and sugar-laden drinks like pina coladas, but all are calorie bombs. Enjoy your champagne toast, then pick up a glass of sparkling cider or water.

Use small plates when eating to avoid consuming too much, and remember to spend time with the people attending…they’re there to see you and your hubby-to-be, after all!

Bridal Shower

Open your gifts rather than having a member of your bridal party do it for you. This keeps your hands busy and prevents you from having a second piece of cake or another glass of wine. It’s also recommended that you make your “hello” rounds while everyone is eating, as this will also help you from chowing down a little too much.

Bachelorette Party

Feel free to get crazy during your bachelorette party, but go for dancing instead eating as much as possible. Enjoy dinner and drinks, but wear something tight-fitting so you avoid eating a lot. Walk from venue to venue if you can, and be sure to dance the night away with your besties.

Wedding Reception

Arrange for healthy snacks to be sent to your room on the big day, though you’ll probably be too nervous to eat a lot. You might still have nervous energy to burn off at your reception, which you can channel with a whole lot of dancing.

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