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Your quick weight loss plan

Your Quick Weight Loss Plan

Whatever your reasons for needing to lose weight fast, there’s no need to starve yourself or go on a crash diet that only results in gaining back all the weight you’ve lost. For a quick weight loss plan to work, it must be safe and healthy. This includes consuming foods that boost the metabolism while reducing the appetite.

Check out a few fast weight loss tips gaining popularity in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area:

Forget Grazing

Eating food straight from the container or bag (such as potato chips) qualifies as “grazing,” an activity that only packs on the pounds. Grazing makes it difficult to tell how much you’ve consumed even in short amount of time, making it necessary to always eat off a plate. You’ll know exactly how much of which foods you’re eating.

Make Exercise Fun

People often eskew exercise because they simply have the wrong attitude. Rather than forcing yourself to perform workouts you dislike, try exercise that doesn’t “feel” like exercise, such as biking, dancing, swimming, gardening, and whatever else that’s fun and works up a sweat. By “tricking” yourself in this way, excess pounds will fall off.

Eat Appetite-Reducing Foods

Renowned physician and weight loss expert Dr. Kojian of helps clients make over their diets by providing appetite-suppressing food lists with every order of his miracle pill Phentermine. Dr. Kojian recommends a variety of foods, such as kale and avocado, that suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism.

Try Phentermine

Phentermine is Dr. Kojian’s board physician-certified weight loss supplement that helps clients lose weight and keep it off. A diet pill that stimulates specific hormones to reduce the appetite, it shrinks the stomach over a two to three-month period. The stomach stays shrunk even after you cease taking Phentermine.

For more on fast weight loss in Fort Lauderdale, please contact Dr. Kojian at today.

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