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Your next workout tips for burning more calories

Help yourself burn more calories the next time you work out by utilizing the following tips. Keep them in mind whenever you work out from now on, especially if you feel you are hitting an exercise plateau. Exercise is key to helping Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic, so keep that in mind!

Create A Heart-Pumping Playlist

Create a fantastic workout playlist that inspires you to “go harder.” According to a study by the University of Wisconsin, people who listen to music when they work out increase their heart rate by 10 beats per minute compared to those who exercise in silence.

Exercise With A Buddy

Work out with a friend who is in slightly better shape than you. It gives you the edge you need to do that extra rep, spend more time on the treadmill, etc. You may increase your workout intensity by as much as 200 percent according to recent research.

Support Yourself

Let go of the of the rails on your workout equipment to step up your workout game. Doing so allows your lower body and core muscles to work harder…and burn more calories.

Move Your Arms

Get your arms in on the workout action: research indicates pumping your arms faster as you work out helps your feet move more quickly, which intensifies your workout. Using your arms also helps your body utilize additional fat-burning oxygen.

Wear Weights

Strap on wrist and ankle weights or wear a compression shirt that lets you add up to 8 pounds of weight to its pockets. Studies show adding weight to your workout increases your calorie burn by as much as 7 percent during walking exercises and more than 13 percent during step-climbing routines.

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