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Your backyard: a workout oasis

Whether you live in the suburbs or are fortunate enough to have a backyard despite residing in a city, know that it can provide a whole plethora of workout options. Let’s look at some of the numerous ways you can use your backyard to your advantage when looking for fast weight loss:


Gardening has proven to burn considerable calories, as it usually involves squatting, digging, and lifting among other things. How many calories you burn in an hour depends on your weight, for example if you weigh 130 pounds you’ll burn about 284 calories. Spend an afternoon with your trowel and enjoy burning calories as you create or tend to flower and vegetable gardens.


Mowing your lawn certainly falls under the “physical labor” category. It burns about 259 calories in an hour, and leaves you with a pristine-looking lawn. Push mowers without the engine are great workout tools, while those with motors also burn calories because they’re so heavy and cumbersome to move.


Does your yard feature one or more sturdy, solid tree with thick branches? Try using the branches to perform pull-ups. Ensure your chosen branch can sustain your weight, and enjoy using it as a natural piece of exercise equipment for quick weight loss. Go a step further and climb your tree to burn extra calories, but again be certain that the tree can hold your weight.


Your lawn provides a perfect space for yoga, kickboxing, jumping rope, and most other exercises. Enjoy the sunshine as you perfect favorite yoga postures or get the blood pumping with an intense round of jump rope.


How about a game of one-on-one? If your garage door has a basketball hoop over it, consider playing the game a regular basis to lose weight. It’s also a fun way to spend more time with family.

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