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Worst excuses for not working out

For many, exercising feels like more of a chore than something necessary to staying healthy and looking good. There’s subsequently many excuses for not working out, all of which are just that–excuses. Rather than continuing to beat around the proverbial bush when it comes to exercise, find a workout you love and stick to it. Experiment with different options while looking into Phentermine, the revolutionary, fast weight loss pills in San Jose. Phentermine curbs the appetite so you eat less while still enjoying a healthy diet.

Let’s review some of the worst excuses for working out and how to sidestep them.

“I’m too tired.”

This is easily the number-one excuse for not working out. However, studies clearly show that regular exercise improves energy, so find a time of day where you have the most stamina to work out. You’ll notice a huge difference in your energy level once you start exercising regularly.

“I don’t have time.”

Another very popular excuse for not working out, try breaking up your exercise routine into short increments. It also helps to exercise by walking instead of driving or taking public transportation whenever possible. For example, if you can to walk to work, you’ll be getting plenty of exercise. Walking is low-impact and provides a full-body workout for quick weight loss.

“I’m too old.”

You’re never, ever too old to work out! Walking is just one of many low-impact exercises that does amazing things for the body, with others including swimming, biking, dancing, and yoga. Try one or a combination of low-impact options and enjoy fantastic results.

“I don’t want to redo my makeup and hair.” provides the following tips to combat this issue: You can take care of post-workout primping in five minutes flat with this regimen from Paige Padgett, green beauty expert and Jillian Michaels’s makeup artist. Give your sweaty spots a once-over with an antibacterial wipe, and do the same on your face, using an all-in-one cleansing pad. Next, apply a beauty balm, which is similar to a tinted moisturizer, but with the added benefits of a primer and blemish control ointment. Touch up mascara and use a three-in-one color stick to add shimmer to eyes, cheeks, and lips. Finally, apply a little dry shampoo to the crown of your head to freshen up your hair, and you’re done.

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