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Worst alcoholic drinks for weight loss

Even the best diet is compromised when paired with high-calorie alcoholic beverages. If you’re wondering why you aren’t experiencing fast weight loss, look to your glass, as many alcoholic drinks are chock-full of empty calories.

Skip the following beverages the next time you’re out, and consider a Phentermine regimen to help jump-start your weight loss goel. Physician-approved and available through Dr. James Kojian of, Phentermine stimulates certain hormones to suppress the appetite, allowing you to eat less. The stomach shrinks as a result, making it easy to keep the weight off even after you complete your Phentermine regimen.


Ah, Margaritaville. The favorite beverage is a caloric nightmare, as it contains about 400 calories per 8-ounce beverage. It’s also high in sugar, and drinking a mere two margaritas easily puts you at your daily caloric intake.

“Most bars use a pre-made commercial sour mix in drinks like margaritas,” says mixologist Chris Milligan, aka “The Santa Fe Barman.” “These contain a lot of sugar. A margarita will typically run upwards of 400 calories per drink, tasty though they may be.”

Long Island Iced Tea

A super-quick way to get drunk, the Long Island Iced Tea contains tequila, triple sec, rum, vodka, and gin, as well as high-sugar sour mix and Coca-Cola. The result? A 700-calorie beverage (per 8-ounce serving).

Pina Colada

This summertime favorite is another terrible drink in regards to calories. Pina Coladas feature rum, crème of coconut, and pineapple juice, making the drink a bad combination of calories, fat, and sugar. It subsequently has about 300 calories per 6-ounce drink, not to mention all that sugar.

Other drinks to avoid when trying to lose weight include sangria, calorie-dense craft beers, and most other mixed drinks. If you must have an alcoholic beverage, go with wine or lite beer, and try not to overdo it!

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