Help Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic by remaining consistent about exercise. Use tips from Modern Family star Sofia Vergara’s trainer Jennifer Yates to exercise better and harder.

Give Yourself A Break

“Typically, if we have a good filming schedule where she [Sofia] has availability, we’ll work out between five to seven days, which is a lot. But she takes a lot of time off when she’s busy,” Yates says. “It’s fine to give yourself a break — your body comes back stronger. You have to let your body rest, even if you’re working out a few days during the week. That’s why we rotate with Sofia. We have days in between when she rests. If you exhaust the muscles, you’re more prone to getting injured.”

Go For A Walk Instead Of A Run

“She doesn’t like to run, sometimes she’ll get on the spin bike for 15 minutes, but she prefers to walk on a high incline,” says Yates.

The trainer suggests you “walk anywhere between a six to eight percent incline, and walk at a speed where you feel a touch out of breath, but you aren’t jogging. A steep hike is challenging.”

Switch Things Up

“Twice a week we’ll do butt exercises because that’s the area she really loves to focus on,” Yates says. “A couple times, we do upper body and abdominals.”

Use Your Body Weight

“All you need is your own body weight,” Yates says. “Crunches are great. During red carpet season we do a lot of upper body and ab s— planks are also great. Even if you have a weighted object; you can hold it in one hand, crunch to one side, and pull back up to hit your oblique muscles. You can also get a cheap resistance band for five dollars or less, and wrap it around a secure pole or door knob. If you stand facing that object and do a torso twist, you’ll hit your obliques as well. The key is making sure you have the correct form. Holding planks are one of the best full body exercises you can do.”

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