Welcome to Part Two of Workout Playlist Ideas! Music is a great motivator for many activities, and certainly works wonders in regards to exercise. Craft your ultimate workout playlist that inspires you to put the extra energy Phentermine 37.5mg provides to excellent use.

Check out a few more fantastic songs for quick weight loss:

‘Black Or White’

Michael Jackson’s song about coming together regardless of race is also one heck of a dance tune. Jump around, shake your hips, work your arms, perform a few kickboxing moves…there’s plenty of options available! Add some of the King of Pop’s other high-octane hits to your workout playlist if desired, such as ‘Bad,’ ‘Beat It,’ and ‘The Way You Make Me Feel.’ The latter isn’t as fast-paced as the others, but provides an excellent song for warming up and cooling down.

‘Wobble Baby’

This song is one of those hits that sparkled a new dance, and while you may have no idea who sings it, you will still feel the need to move when you hear it. Follow the song’s video to learn the now-classic “wobble dance,” and combine it with your own moves. Your heart rate will definitely be up by the song’s end!

‘Bang Bang’

The Jessie J hit features Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, and offers plenty of opportunities to move and shake it. Use it as a warm-up song or in the middle of your workout and enjoy its girl power message.

‘Give It Up To Me’

Rapper Sean Paul offers a whole catalog of great songs to dance and work out to, including this hit from the movie Step Up. Listen to Paul’s unmistakable growl as you find new ways to work your core.

Enjoy burning calories to your very favorite tunes and looking forward to your workouts!

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