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Workout playlist ideas, part one

Need extra motivation to work out? Why not create a playlist full of high-energy tunes? One of Phentermine’s “side effects” is extra energy, so try channeling said energy into a comprehensive workout routine. Exercise is essential whether you’re on Phentermine 37.5mg or not, and is very helpful if trying to expedite the miracle supplement’s effects.

Check out a few playlist options for getting you moving:


The Kenny Loggins classic from the film of the same name certainly falls into the high-energy category, as it features an irresistible beat that makes it almost impossible not to dance. Whether you dance to this song, run a few miles, cross-train, kick-box, or try something else, you’ll have a smile on your face by the song’s end.

‘Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)’

It’s definitely challenging not to jump around and clap your hands to this hit of the ‘80s by WHAM!, with the video full of swing-like dance moves. Use the tune to motivate you on days you just don’t want to “wake up.” You might also want to take George Michael’s advice and go “dancing tonight.”

‘Blame It On The Boogie’

The Jackson 5 offer plenty of danceable hits to choose from, including this classic about the youngest (male) Jackson’s plight of dealing with a girl who just wants to dance…and that’s it. Add it to your workout playlist and get your ‘70s-tastic groove on.

‘La Tortura’

The Spanish-language hit by one of Columbia’s sultriest exports is a hip-shaking wonder that will easily have you working your core. Follow the video if you need ideas, as it features a greased-up Shakira doing what she does best: shaking it!

Add these tunes to your iPod or MP3 player and burn some serious calories for quick weight loss!

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