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Workout advice from celebrity trainer shaun t

Shaun T, known for his “insanity” workouts, hip hop abs videos, and his stint as a back-up dancer for Mariah Carey, is a fitness god. Yet he didn’t always have abs of steel! Shaun started his weight loss journey after looking in the mirror one day and realizing that college freshman 50 pounds he gained had to go. “I had my mirror moment, just like a lot of people do,” Shaun says. He decided to embrace his weight and find ways to improve it while always staying positive. Shaun never fat-shamed himself. With that in mind, review some of his best weight loss advice.


In a recent Prevention interview Shaun was asked if he ever gets into funks. “Sure I do. I ask myself: Why am I in a funk? Is it external or internal? Then I attack the person or project I’m in a funk over. Be the antibiotic for your own life. Attack the invader!”


Whether it be emotional or personal pain, Shaun always tries to get to the bottom of it. “There are two ways you can go: You can let it fester, or you can step out of it and go through the struggle.”


A lot of people weigh themselves too many times when trying to exercise and or diet to lose weight. This can sometimes be a counter-productive move. “Wean yourself off the scale, because you need to accept where you are right now. You’re already at your destination, and you need to be happy with that.”

Let these insightful tips about weight loss from fitness expert Shaun T inspire and help you achieve your goal! Exercise is also good for the mood–you’ll leave your workout happier than when you started!

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