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Work out with your dog! 4 fun ideas

Both you and your pooch require regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so why not make your four-legged friend your new workout buddy? Review these four ideas to enjoy with your dog during and after your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen:

Cross Training Equipment At The Local Park

Walk or run with your dog to the local park and take advantage of all the cross training equipment. While your canine will not be able to use the equipment fully, he or she will get exercise jumping on and off benches and running to fetch sticks. Bring a toy with you to keep throwing to the dog as you use various equipment so you both burn more calories.


If you love jogging, now is the perfect time to bring your dog along. Explore different neighborhoods together. Since most communities require you to keep your dog on a leash, use it as an opportunity to increase your speed and endurance. Try to maintain the same pace as your pooch as much as possible and see if you don’t feel better, stronger, and faster quicker.


Get your arms in better shape by using the game of fetch as an arm workout. Bring an assortment of balls and frisbees your dog can easily catch and see how far you can throw one each time. Try to alternate as you go so you are not getting a one-sided workout. Your non-dominant arm may not throw as far, but you still want to work the muscles! Do squats or run in place each time you wait for Rover to return with the ball.

Hills & Stairs

Run up and down nearby hills and stairs together as part of your daily walk(s). Enjoy tackling each hill or staircase together and getting faster every time. Perform this challenge in low-traffic areas only so people do not have to dodge you and your speedy canine.

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