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Winter workout tips

Winter is notorious for weight gain. The holiday season in combination with frigid temperatures don’t exactly provide inspiration for getting up and moving, however working out throughout the winter is very necessary, especially for fast weight loss. Check out a few winter workout tips and avoid being a couch slug in the new year:


Unless it’s too icy out, go for a walk.

“I am a huge fan of going on a walk, no matter what the temperature is,” says Corin Safe, an Olympic weightlifting coach. “Put on your boots and get out there. After 30 minutes, you’ll feel awesome, because walking reduces stress and promotes a little bit of meditation.”

Remember Your Goals

“What are your goals for spring or summer? Half-marathon? Tough Mudder? Parkour in Paris?” asks gym owner Ryan Ford. “Whatever it may be, training with that forward-thinking mindset can make [exercise] a little less depressing and a little more exciting. There’s no pressure now to perform or compete.”

Schedule An Exercise-Themed Winter Getaway

Always wanted to go mountain biking? Swimming in the Caribbean? Hiking? Skiing? Book an exercise-themed getaway for yourself and friends and enjoy burning calories in a whole new environment.

Keep Your Workout Routine Going During The Holidays

“Plan one active outing for every holiday celebration,” says Elle Penner, MPH, RD. “While you’re adding those holiday parties and dinners to the calendar, pencil one active outing into your schedule as well.”

“Stay Warm”

Try hot yoga (aka Bikram yoga) and stay warm while the weather outside is frightful! Take advantage of steam and sauna rooms while you’re at it to sweat out toxins.

These are just some of the many fun ways to stay active during winter! Stay safe!

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