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Winter foods for weight loss

Help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts by adding certain winter foods to your diet. These foods assist with weight loss thanks to low calorie or carb content, and all are crazy-healthy. Stock your fridge and pantry with any or all of the following to look slim and trim come spring.


The fruit from Greek myth and legend is packed with potassium and low in calories, making it an ideal pre-or-post-workout snack. One cup of pomegranates is only 72 calories, while its fiber content helps you stay satiated. Eat the fruit on its own or add it to your morning oatmeal for an extra dose of flavor and nutrients. Pomegranates are in season through the middle of January.

Brussel Sprouts

This cruciferous vegetable contains a mere 38 calories per cup. Brussel sprouts are also high in folate, vitamin C, and fiber. Cut the veggies up and throw them in your salads or roast them with olive oil as a yummy side vegetable. Brussel sprouts are in season from September to March.


Known for its black licorice-like taste, fennel is a versatile veggie that works in salads, as a roasted treat, and much more. It contains only 27 calories per cup and is extra-high in fiber. Fennel is in season all through winter.

Winter Squash

Winter squash is a low-carb vegetable that provides a wide variety of cooking options, including roasting and baking. The squash is harvested in the fall yet makes it all the way to March in regards to in-season goodness.


This root vegetable is a low-carb favorite, as one medium-sized turnip contains 8 grams of carbohydrates. It’s another excellent source of vitamin C and fiber, and works as a fantastic alternative to mashed potatoes when boiled and mashed. Turnips are in season from October to March.

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