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Will eating the same foods every day help you lose weight

Picking from the same small list of foods is a common weight loss tactic, with many fad diets limiting choices to one or a few foods. (The cookie diet, anyone?) Yet does it work? If you have limited your diet as part of your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, read what experts have to say about this weight loss method.

The “Healthiest” Options

“Many people wind up eating the same foods every day because they believe that those foods are the ‘best’ or ‘healthiest’ options available,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Tori Schmitt, R.D.N., founder of YES! Nutrition. “For other dieters, the eat-the-same-thing-every-day approach is just easier. It takes the thinking out of food choices, and streamlines the whole grocery shopping and meal prep process.”

However, adhering to the same menu all the time means you are training your brain to think of the food as less appetizing. This is referred to as “palate fatigue” or “taste bud exhaustion.”

Nutritional Deficiency

Eating the same things all the time also means you are ingesting any less-than-healthy ingredients or components of the food and depriving yourself of certain nutrients.

“Each foods offers a unique mix of nutrients,” Schmitt says. “Different protein sources contain a different matrix of amino acids, and high-fat foods such as olives, avocado, and hemp seeds deliver their own array of essential fatty acids.”

Keeping It Simple

Enjoying a wider variety of healthy foods doesn’t mean you have to learn 20 new recipes over the course of a few days.

“To keep things simple, stick to the healthy basics you love while changing up some the components of the meal,” Schmitt suggests. For example, you could change the greens in your salad every day or week, use different berries to make fruit smoothies, substitute chicken for another lean protein, etc.

Eat a variety of foods not just to lose weight, but to maintain your health!

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