Oatmeal is a healthy whole grain breakfast food loaded with nutrients, including plenty of satiating fiber. However, the morning staple is often prepared in ways that contribute to weight gain instead of weight loss. See if you are making common mistakes with your oatmeal that impede your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts.

Mistake #1: Eating Too Much

Eating too much of anything makes you too full in addition to promoting weight gain. Measure a ½ cup of oatmeal in the morning to avoid consuming too many calories.

Mistake #2: Picking Unhealthy Toppings

It might be tempting to add M&Ms or other candy to your oatmeal, but all you are doing is hurting your ability to lose weight. Experiment with healthy options instead, such as fresh or dried fruit, cinnamon, nuts, and seeds. Find the feel-good combination you like and remember to measure your portions so you do not accidentally over-indulge.

Mistake #3: You Go The Instant Route

Instant oatmeal is a quick fix in the morning when you rushing to get to work or class. However, they are more processed and are often loaded with sugar. Read oatmeal packages before you buy and go with non-instant options such as rolled oats instead. Your heart and your waistline will thank you!

Mistake #4: Adding Too Much Fat

Adding fat, such as whole milk, is a common oatmeal practice, but one that packs on the pounds. Adding nuts is just fine, however nuts in combination with milk and other fats equals too much for your morning meal. Educate yourself on the fat content in your desired topping options and make decisions accordingly.

Ensure oatmeal is always a healthy morning breakfast food by keeping these mistakes in mind!

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