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Why You Should Do Cardio Before Strength Training For Weight Loss

With all the diet and fitness information out there, deciding what’s best for personal weight loss and wellness can get a little overwhelming. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg and are wondering whether you should do cardio workouts prior to strength training or vice versa, you aren’t alone. Take a moment to review what’s best for fast weight loss.

The Importance Of Both

Cardiovascular workouts and strength training are both essential to weight loss. Routine cardio workouts burn calories to assist weight management, while strength training exercises create ‘afterburns’ that help the body continue burning calories after the session ends. Strength training also avoids flabby muscles once you lose the desired amount of weight.

Why You Should Do Cardio First

Unless your goal is to build muscle exclusively, you should do cardiovascular activities first. Cardio blasts fat as you transition to strength training, which results in the aforementioned afterburn. Lifting weights prior to cardio tires the body so you don’t move as efficiently or as with as much intensity to burn calories.

What Works Best For You

Alternate between cardio and strength training so you can give each your total attention. However, you can do both in one day if it’s your preference. Simply find what works best for you.

“I am a firm believer in doing what you love. Exercise can be fun,” says Mollie Millington, a London-based personal trainer. “If you are in the groove during your warm up on the treadmill and having fun, don’t stop to do weights. Keep going until you are ready to change to weights. Or if you prefer weights to running, start off with a shorter run and then ‘treat’ yourself to weights.”
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