Winter is to weight gain what summer is to weight loss. If you routinely gain weight in the wintertime and are tired of it, try Phentermine 37.5mg….and review the following reasons for cold weather waist expansion. You might be surprised at what you discover!

Outdoor Avoidance

Avoiding the outdoors is a common practice during winter. It’s cold, windy, and/or icy and snowy. Exercising outdoors is not only unpleasant in winter, it is also potentially dangerous due to icy, slippery streets and sidewalks. Staying indoors watching television is a frequent wintertime activity for many, which sets people up for mindless snacking.

Help yourself beat the wintertime indoor blues by going outside, even it if it only for a short duration. Try a winter sport, go for a walk around the block, or shovel snow. Staying active not only helps prevent weight gain, it also improves your energy level.

Too Much Party Food

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day are all synonymous with food and drink excesses. There’s even Superbowl parties to contend with. Overeating at parties is hardly unusual, especially if drinking is involved and inhibitions are lowered. Solve this problem by filling up on healthy food prior to attending winter parties, and drinking water in between alcoholic beverages to slow inebriation.

Stress & Comfort Food

Winter can raise your stress level because you find it so gosh-darn depressing. Turning to comfort food is a way many people cope with feeling blue, leading to excessive caloric intake and weight gain. Look for healthy ways to deal with winter-related stress, such as exercise videos and meditation. Help yourself further by refraining from eating too much in the evening when you are less active. Going to sleep on a full stomach will not help your weight loss efforts!

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