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Why the starbucks unicorn frappuccino will not help you lose weight

Starbucks recently introduced their purple Unicorn Frappuccino, a limited-edition drink “sprinkled with unicorn dust.” As appealing as the bold-hued coffee beverage might be, it is no friend to your waistline. Review why this drink is a calorie bomb you should avoid as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

So Much Sugar

“The problem with this drink is the sheer volume of sugar,” says Ginger Hultin, R.D.N., an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokeswoman. “What we’re looking at in this is vanilla syrup, mango syrup, crème frappuccino syrup, white chocolate mocha sauce, classic syrup—at least five types of syrups or sauces combined. And then they have the blue and pink powder, which I think is just colored sugar. It’s sugar in a lot of different forms.”

The Same As Eating 20 Sugar Cubes

“So when you’re looking at the 59 grams of sugar, you are looking at 20 sugar cubes,” the health expert continued. The American Heart Association recommends limiting your sugar to 25 grams daily, and this drink more than doubles that amount. Sugar causes your insulin levels to spike and contributes to weight gain and its related health risks.

Smaller Is Better

If you simply have to try this coffee drink, Hultin recommends opting for the smallest version possible, avoiding the whipped cream, and asking for nonfat milk. Do this and you will be ingesting 39 grams of sugar instead of the dreaded 59 grams of sugar the normal-size drink contains. The beverage and those like it should be once-in-awhile indulgences, not everyday treats.

Do not let sugary coffee beverages derail your Phentermine efforts! Make healthy choices to lose weight and keep it off.

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