Swimming is synonymous with summer for obvious reasons, and remains one of the best workout options in human history. If trying to determine which exercise form is best for your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, review the following benefits of swimming and consider adding it to your workout routine:

Cardio + Strength Training

Swimming combines cardio and strength training to create a highly-effective, powerful workout. The act forces you to move constantly, otherwise you’ll sink! This means you’re performing cardiovascular exercises constantly. Additionally, your muscles are dealing with continuous resistance, which makes swimming an outstanding strength training workout.


Unlike other exercises that place undo stress on joints, swimming is a low-impact workout anyone can do regardless of age and fitness level. Swimming every day is easy on the joints and won’t result in wear and tear on the body. Even if you alternate and “go hard” with an intense workout one day, you can still enjoy a swimming session the next.

Increased Lung Power

Swimming does wonderful things for the lungs. When your face is under water, your body begins using oxygen more efficiently. Research indicates swimmers enjoy better tidal volume, or the amount of air that moves to and from lungs when breathing at a relaxed rate. The result? Lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure among other benefits.

Improved Running Ability

Since swimming improves the body’s ability to use oxygen, it follows that it results in better running experiences. It allows you to run a mile faster without feeling winded. Swimming also trains the hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, and core, which also improves running ability. If you want to run a marathon this summer or any other time, take up swimming!

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