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Why oatmeal is the perfect breakfast food for weight loss

What you eat for breakfast has a huge impact on your day, as it can give you energy or make you feel sluggish. While foods such as sugary cereals, donuts, and bagels don’t do much for the energy or weight loss departments, others offer a plethora of benefits. Oatmeal is one food you should absolutely add to your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled weight loss regimen. Here’s why.

It’s a Rich Source of Antioxidants

Not only is the whole food an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, it’s heavy on the polyphenols. The antioxidants combat oxidative stress to help the body fight obesity among other serious health issues such as Type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

It’s High in Fiber

Oatmeal features plenty of fiber, which supports bodily health in numerous ways, including weight management. The breakfast staple keeps you feeling full long after other breakfast foods, such as oranges, get processed by the body. It’s therefore an excellent weight loss food because you won’t feel tempted to consume unhealthy fare because you’re still hungry.

It Supports the Metabolism

Since it’s a whole grain, oatmeal contributes to a high-functioning metabolism. Unlike refined grains where germ and bran ingredients are removed, oatmeal has shown to improve resting metabolic rate to help the body burn calories even when you aren’t moving.

It Can Be Customized A Variety of Ways

Oatmeal’s versatility lends itself to fast weight loss because you won’t get bored with your morning meal. Add berries such as blue, black, and raspberries one morning and top it with cinnamon and flaxseed the next. There’s endless fruit, nut, and seed combos to enjoy to not only help you start the day right, but help you eat a wider variety of food.
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