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Why fall is the perfect time to start your weight loss program

Autumn is a favorite time of year for many, and quickly becoming a favorite time to start a weight loss regimen. Getting fit in the fall keeps you ahead of the curve for winter, as the cold weather season remains synonymous with weight gain. Learn why this cooler time of year is perfect for starting Phentermine 37.5mg, eating right, and exercising.

Nutritious & Filling Fall Produce

Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, squash, and turnips are among the many delicious vegetables that abound in the fall. Pick up your favorites at the local farmer’s market to make roasted veggies, soups, and stews among other satiating dishes that keep you fuller for longer. Invest in a slow cooker if you do not already have one and take advantage of the increasingly-endless list of recipes available.

Better Weather For Exercising Outdoors

Fall is the perfect time to start walking, running, cross-training at the local park, or do any other exercises you enjoy outdoors. Working out during summer is more than a sweat fest, as it can be extremely dangerous due to the possibility of heat stroke. Cooler fall weather provides optimal temperatures for outdoor fun–just remember to wear layers so you do not get too sweaty, and to watch out for wet fallen leaves.

There’s also plenty of marathons, half-marathons, 5Ks, etc. in the fall due to temperate weather. Why not sign up for one and challenge yourself this season?

Routine, Routine, Routine

The autumn season is when many people “get back into routine.” Summer vacation is over, and if you have kids in school, you know the importance of sticking to a schedule. Fitting workouts into that schedule is arguably easier because things are more regimented.

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