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Whole30 vs. paleo: which is best for weight loss

Among the most popular diets in recent years are Paleo and Whole30, two low-carb options promising weight loss and better health. But which is truly better for fast weight loss? Find out to inspire your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, as healthy eating is an important part of success with the miracle diet pills.


The idea with the Paleo diet is to consume foods similar to what Paleolithic ancestors ate 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. It therefore emphasizes foods acquired from hunting and gathering, such as as nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and nut and seed oils. The diet also allows you to enjoy alcoholic beverages every so often as well as natural sweeteners such as honey or agave. What you cannot consume on the Paleo diet includes refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, grains, beans and legumes, dairy, and processed foods.

Since the Paleo diet is low in carbs, it helps with weight loss. Research also suggests the diet can regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


This elimination diet removes grains, dairy, beans and legumes, alcohol, and sweeteners for 30 days to supposedly reduce or eliminate problems with inflammation, blood sugar, and cravings. No cheat days are allowed on this diet, so if you consume a sweet or simple carb you must start the process over again. The idea is to completely reset your body so cravings and inflammation are no longer an issue.

Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

While both diets help with weight loss, Paleo is believed to be the better option because it is less restrictive. Health experts note both diets can result in food preoccupation, low moods, and anxiety, as well as nutritional deficiencies since they eliminate entire food groups. So while both provide short-term benefits, it is best to stick with well-rounded, healthy eating in the long term.
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