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What stress does to your metabolism & weight loss efforts

Stress is no friend to health, causing a range of problems including those related to weight gain. Learn what experts say about how stress impacts your metabolism and subsequently your ability to lose weight efficiently. The more you know about stress, the more you can adjust your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen for fast weight loss.

It Releases Cortisol

“Cortisol is the stress hormone, which basically leads to people eating more, sleeping less, and it may affect insulin resistance,” says Avigdor Arad, PhD, RDN, CDE. “It’s probably the most important hormone in that regard because insulin tells the body to store and build rather than to burn.

“It can affect your ability to oxidize fat and to oxidize sugar. When you develop insulin resistance, it’s a state of metabolic disaster because it means that your body is not communicating well. For each person, it manifests differently, but it means that you may not be burning fuel when you need to, you may not be storing fuel as you need to…you’re certainly going to be storing much more than you need.”

Insulin Resistance=Problems Adapting To “Fuel Sources”

“In a healthy body, people can make an excellent adaption in fuel use to whatever is available. A healthy body can adjust the use for energy based on what’s available,” says Dr. Arad.

Insulin resistance causes the body to store more fat, especially if the individual is overweight. In comparison, a person who is not overweight can consume fat and use it as energy.

Tips For Beating Stress

There are many healthy ways to reduce your stress, including exercise, meditation, taking hot baths, listening to music (especially classical music), getting more sleep, and practicing yoga. Other metabolism-boosting tips include consuming more protein and fat because the body works harder to process such foods.

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