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What experts recommend for effective daily workouts

Working out regularly is essential to weight loss and overall health, but experts say working out with “buddies” offers the most benefits. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg for fast weight loss, learn what makes working out with friends and family so effective.

It Contributes to Positive Mindsets

By working out with your favorite people or in a group setting, you’ll look at exercise in a more positive way.

“Psychology and exercise researchers like us know that people are influenced by those around them in a few different ways,” note L. Allison Philips, Ph.D., a professor of psychology, and Jacob Meyer, Ph.D., a professor of kinesiology. Both work at Iowa State University. “If you get to know others who exercise regularly, you start to perceive exercise as more positive, common, desirable, and doable.”

It’s More Fun

Who doesn’t like working out with friends?

“Specifically, during classes in which exercisers’ perceptions of groupness were relatively higher, exercisers reported more recalled enjoyment, affective valence, and exertion,” says a study published in APA PsychNet.

It’s Easier to Lose More Weight

A study published in Obesity emphasizes that working out in a group makes it easier to lose weight–and more weight at that. Individuals who surround themselves with like-minded people interested in exercise, weight loss, and maintaining their health lose more pounds than those who hang out with overweight people.

It Becomes More of a Habit

Some people work out less or stop entirely after reaching certain goals, such as fitting into a wedding dress or losing a certain number of pounds. Working out with others helps prevent this.

“Exercising with others can make the whole process easier and more habitual,” say Phillips and Meyer. “Friends can be your cue as well as your reward for exercising.”

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