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What carrie underwood eats in a day

What does country superstar Carrie Underwood do to stay fit? Let’s find out what the singer and American Idol winner eats on a regular basis to inspire your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts.


“There’s always fruit floating around, plus oatmeal, cereal like Kashi Go Lean or Heart to Heart, which I’ve always eaten without milk. (I’m weird like that!),” Carrie says about breakfast in the house she shares with her husband and almost-2-year-old son. “Sometimes, I’ll make a tofu scramble with chopped onions and peppers, which I keep in the fridge, so I can throw them together quickly in a skillet.

“I also stock up on frozen breakfast burritos just in case I’m making something for Isaiah and run out of steam before I can make something for myself. I like the ones from Amy’s, and I recently tried a new vegan chorizo one I liked. I never eat meat and try to eat totally vegan, which is easiest when I cook for myself.”

Sticking To Basics

“We hardly ever takeout or eat out because I don’t like to. It’s not that I’m an amazing chef — I stick to the basics, like roasted veggies and stir-fries — but I like knowing what’s in my food, and it’s hard to tell when someone else makes it for you.

“After grocery shopping, I’ll go home to work out. I have a gym at home with a treadmill, an elliptical, a cable machine, and free weights, plus a bunch of my husband Mike [Fisher]’s other equipment. Depending on the day, I try to spend 10 to 15 minutes warming up, then at least a solid hour working out.”

Healthy Snacks

“I rarely snack in the morning because I don’t get hungry — there’s no reason to feel hungry if you’re eating healthy. I do have an afternoon snack while I’m getting things done, like making phone calls to sort out my schedule. I’m also always doing laundry, washing dishes, and trying to clean the house because it’s always getting destroyed by my toddler.

“If I’m home, I have an English muffin with peanut butter, but I always keep snacks in my purse when I’m out because I get brain fog when my blood sugar drops — my mouth moves but my sentences don’t make sense. To avoid that, I carry around vegan protein No Cow Bars, which I started buying online after seeing a fitness blogger recommend them; seitan jerky; and a Ziploc bag of cereal, which my son snacks on too.”

“I typically make myself a vegan protein like tofu, beans, or a veggie burger with lots of veggies. Mike isn’t vegan, and as an athlete, he needs to go heavy on carbs, so I also make something for him like salmon and mashed potatoes. I don’t love the consistency of potatoes, so I eat whole wheat pasta or rice instead. I used to stay away from carbs, but lately I’ve been counting my macros, which means I try to balance my intake of protein, fat, and carbs rather than worry about calories.”

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