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What Are The Best Days To Start A Diet?

A diet is a big life change. It is therefore essential to start when you are ready so you can continue with your program and enjoy the results you want. If you are wondering what days are ideal for beginning your diet and subsequently your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, learn what science has to say about it.

“Wakeup Call” Day

Some people begin diets because of a health scare or similar “wakeup call,” such as a friend or family member’s illness.

“When these things happen you set a goal that’s more emotional rather than weight-based, and that’s often more successful,” explains New York City-based dietitian Amy Stephens, MS, RD. Stephens. “If things get rough along the way, you can remind yourself why you’re on this journey.”

After Your Birthday

The days after your birthday are great for starting diets, as they provide a “fresh start.” Milestones often mean letting past mistakes go and focusing on what you can do to improve your life, such as eating well and exercising often.


Monday is another ideal day for your new diet, as it once again provides that “reset” effect so many people find helpful. It is also more likely that you will want fresh, healthy foods if you have been indulging all weekend.

After A Big Life Change

Moving into a new home across town or across the country, beginning a relationship, ending a relationship, and starting a new job are some examples of the big life changes that often inspire diet changes.

“A new lifestyle and routine is the perfect time to start with new good habits,” says Stephens.

Remember, starting small is generally the best way to go! Good luck!

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