There’s all kinds of fad diets out there, as well as lots of “unusual” diet and exercise advice. However, some of it really works, and can easily assist you on your fast weight loss journey. Check out some of the strangest diet tricks that really and truly help you achieve your goal weight:

Have Dessert For Breakfast

This probably sounds very odd, however if you’re going to have a sweet treat on a particular day, the best time to consume it is in the morning. Eating something sweet, such as a chocolate muffin, early in the day helps curb the desire to chow down on sugary stuff later on. It also means you’ll have burned the treat off long before the day is over.

Smell Your Food First

Studies indicate that strong food scents equal smaller bites. We eat with our eyes and noses in addition to our stomachs, so try adding aromatic seasonings to your next meal. This increases the sensory experience and results in eating less.

Cut Your Food

Cutting your food into small bites isn’t exactly great in regards to table manners, however the act tricks the brain into thinking there’s more on your plate than there is. This generally results in eating less while still feeling full.

Drink Warm Water

Cold water may burn calories, but drinking warm water before a meal is thought to help you feel full more quickly, which results in eating less during your meal.

Think About Your Last Meal

Staring down a chocolate bar or huge piece of garlic bread? Rather than giving into temptation, think about your last meal. Studies indicate visualizing the last thing you ate helps you eat less in the present moment, as it makes you more mindful about what you put in your body.

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