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Weight Loss Programs For Women

The fast weight loss trend taking over San Diego is Phentermine, the miracle diet pill from Dr. James Kojian of DrToHelp.com. One of the safest, most effective weight loss supplements currently on the market, Phentermine works by reducing the appetite so women can easily shed unwanted pounds.

Dr. Kojian’s work in weight loss and overall health goes back over 20 years, and he has appeared on television in the U.S. and overseas numerous times touting the benefits of Phentermine. The physician is also the owner of numerous medical spas throughout California.

Let’s review why Phentermine is the effective alternative to fad/crash diets:

How It Works

Phentermine’s main mechanic action involves the hypothalamus portion of the brain. It stimulates the adrenal glands to release norepinephrine, a chemical transmitter responsible for the body’s fight or flight reaction. It also helps significantly reduce the appetite.

The miracle pill’s secondary effect causes the release of adrenaline, a hormone that helps the body break down fat cells. The resulting increase in satiety and decrease in hunger makes weight loss easy.

Shrinking the Stomach

Because Phentermine is so effective in reducing the appetite, the stomach naturally shrinks as a result. This generally occurs following two to three months of Phentermine use. Once the stomach shrinks, it’s possible to eat less and keep the weight off even after you stop taking Phentermine.

Why Fad Diets Never Work

Fad or crash diets may help a person lose weight, but the loss rarely sticks. The deprivation in combination with limited food choices are two of the reasons such diets are so unhealthy. Taking Phentermine allows you to enjoy a balanced, healthy diet where deprivation isn’t a component.

Dr. Kojian sends an appetite-suppressing food list with every order of Phentermine. To learn more about this fast weight loss solution gaining popularity in San Diego, please contact Dr. Kojian today.

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