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Want to lose stubborn pounds in one month? Before resigning yourself to this “impossibility,” do a little research about the benefits of Phentermine. A diet pill increasingly popular among San Francisco residents, the Phentermine weight loss craze continues to spread across the country.

Renowned physician and weight loss expert Dr. James Kojian is pleased to make Phentermine available through his site, and offers free initial consultations to determine if the pill is right for his clients.

Check out a few one-month weight loss success stories before contacting Dr. Kojian:

“So far I have lost exactly 55 pounds on Phentermine. I started in September at 230 i have never been this heavy in my life, always had weight issues since i was a kid but never went over the 200 mark until I turned 21. I tried dieting and would lose 15-20 pounds but it will always come back. So I finally went to my family doctor who prescribed me Phentermine. In the first month I lost a total of 30 pounds! I did follow the basic rules of healthy eating but i also have a very physical job so i would be on my feet 8-10 hours a day, i didn’t need to go to the gym. After the first month the weight loss slowed down and i would loose 2-3 pounds. At times the weight would stay same for two weeks and i would get frustrated! but soon as I saw even a pound less I would not stress about it and continued taking Phentermine.” –Alexandra,

“I started this pill on 4/13/15. At that time I weighed 168, my height is 5’1″. As of 5/21/15 I have lost 11 pounds. This pill definitely helps to curb your appetite and give you an energy boost. I think it’s super important to set up good eating habits and a solid exercise routine while you have the extra energy, especially since this isn’t a pill you’ll be able to take long term. Use it to your advantage!! Good luck all, sounds like everyone is doing really well. Yay us!!!!”–Nic Nalo,

“I started phen in April–I lost 20lbs the first month with minimal exercise. “ –Christine,

For more on Phentermine weight loss in San Francisco, please contact Dr. Kojian today.

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