The stomach is where men gain most of their weight, with plenty of options available for the male sex to shrink their waistlines easily and safely. Certain weight loss pills currently sweeping the for women area are helping men shed pounds, such as Phentermine. The appetite-suppressing pill works wonders in terms of losing weight and keeping it off. Dr. James Kojian of is thrilled to offer his physician-supervised Phentermine option to clients.

Check out why Phentermine is such an effective weight loss tool, as well as some of the very best diet and exercise tips for men:

How It Works:

Phentermine stimulates certain hormones to effectively reduce the want or need for food. Unlike other weight loss “solutions” that promise to help keep weight off and fail, Phentermine makes staying thin and healthy possible. Two to three months of use results in a shrunken stomach, which helps maintain a healthy weight even after ceasing a Phentermine regimen.

Dr. Kojian has helped clients reach their weight loss goals for over 20 years, and offers free consultations to determine if Phentermine is right for each client. He also sends an appetite-reducing food list with every Phentermine order.

Weight Loss Tips for Men

  • Switch to Lean Protein: Protein consumption is necessary so men can build muscle, however red meat and numerous other sources are high in saturated fats. Switch to lean sources of protein to lose weight without losing muscle.
  • Skip the Beer: Beer is a relaxation staple for many, and it’s not uncommon for men to have a few beers after work every day. However, the empty calories contained in every beer is staggering. Skip beer in favor of one glass of red wine, or a non-alcoholic diuretic such as green tea.
  • Take the Stairs: Squeezing in exercise whenever possible, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, is highly recommended for both sexes.

For more on the best weight loss pills in for women, please contact Dr. Kojian today.

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