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The weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars and is growing every year, triggered by a social media mania, an obsession with aesthetics, and an increased awareness regarding the dangers of obesity. Much of this industry is focused online, from weight loss courses and eBooks to Youtube videos, guides, and fads.


But does any of this stuff actually work?

The truth is, online weight loss, like any other form of weight loss, is only effective when done properly. If you try to cut corners, rely on fads, and place your trust in quacks, you won’t get the results you seek.

If, however, you place your trust in genuine medical professionals and proven techniques, then the internet has everything you need to lose weight quickly and effectively.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the effective and ineffective online weight loss tricks and techniques to give you an idea of what you should be focusing on and what you should avoid.

Effective Online Weight Loss

Before we get to the tips and techniques that don’t work, let’s focus on the ones that do.

The easiest and safest way to lose weight online is via a prescription for weight loss supplements like phentermine. This drug has been approved since 1959, but it was the internet that placed it in the spotlight and ensured it was seen by a wider audience.

Phentermine is affordable, safe, and incredibly effective. It is a prescription drug, but it has very little abuse potential and is a Schedule IV, which means it’s not considered to be dangerous or addictive and has a medical use. 

A licensed physician can prescribe you phentermine following a short online consultation. They will take into account your age, weight and medical history and use this to determine if you are a good fit.

They will remain contactable in the rare event that you experience any side effects or simply need to consult a professional.

Weight Loss Forums

It’s also worth mentioning health forums and communities. These communities can occasionally do more harm than good, as people become obsessed and start chasing unrealistic goals. But they have also helped countless obese and overweight people to lose weight. These groups give them the motivation and support they need to continue.

In the real world, this support is available in weight loss communities and groups, but these require face-to-face meetings, which can be uncomfortable for some members. They are also expensive and often geared around selling products or services. By taking this idea online, weight loss groups have become infinitely more effective and less intrusive.

Ineffective Online Weight Loss

Now that we’ve discussed some of the real ways to lose weight online, let’s take a look at some of the ineffective and sometimes dangerous alternatives

Weight Loss Supplements

The supplement industry is unregulated, allowing manufacturers to get away with making grandiose and exaggerated claims and using dangerous products. The last three decades are littered with stories about weight loss substances that were once hailed as breakthroughs, only to be banned years (and sometimes months) later when they were found to be dangerous.

Such was the case with ephedrine, which is one of the most well-known examples, but it’s also something we’ve seen with everything from prohormones to SARMs and DMAA.

These supplements slip through the net and are not forced to adhere to the same strict standards as medications like phentermine. At best, they are ineffective; at worst they are dangerous.

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Weight Loss Scams

Everyone has seen their fair share of weight loss scams, even if they don’t realize it. These scams push products that they claim are endorsed by celebrities (Oprah is a popular one) and have featured on popular TV shows. But it’s all a lie and their only goal is to get you to agree to a subscription, which they will then use to take money out of your account every month.

They often promise a free bottle of tablets, and all you have to do is subscribe. But that bottle isn’t free, and you could be paying for it for months.

Videos, Courses, and Books

While some weight loss courses and books can be helpful, the vast majority are recycling the same widely available information and using this to squeeze as many dollars from you as they can.

These are the eBooks and video courses that promise “amazing” results, often from apparent “secret” techniques, exercises or workouts. But it’s the same information that you’ve already consumed hundreds of times over, it’s just repackaged in a glossy new way and sold to you for an extortionate price.

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