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Weight gain from birth control linked to genetic makeup, study finds

A new study from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus has found that a woman’s genetic makeup can influence whether she gains weight on a certain type of birth control. The study was published in the journal Contraception and focuses on the etonogestrel contraceptive implant, which is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways of preventing contraception. Take a moment to learn about this study as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen for fast weight loss.

Years Of Gaining Weight

Women have associated birth control with weight gain for decades.

“For years, women have said that birth control causes them to gain weight but many doctors failed to take them seriously,” said study lead author Aaron Lazorwitz, MD, an assistant professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Family Planning at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “Now we have looked at the genetics and found that the way genes interact with some hormones in birth control could help explain why some women gain more weight than others.”

Weight Gain Across The Board

Researchers worked with 276 ethnically diverse women to calculate birth control-related weight gain, and found that of those women, there was a median weight gain of about 7 pounds over about 27 months of birth control use. Most of the study’s subjects experienced weight gain. The researchers believe gene variants that influence progestin and estrogen hormones may be the reason for weight increases.

However, more research is needed.

“It is imperative to better understand how individual genetic variation may influence a woman’s risk of adverse weight gain while using exogenous steroid hormone medications,” Lazorwitz said. “As our understanding of pharmacogenomics in women’s health expands, we can develop individualized counseling that may reduce the incidence of hormone-related adverse effects, improve patient satisfaction, and help prevent future health risks associated with weight gain.”
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