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Weekend habits that help you lose weight

Are you guilty of following your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen all week, which includes eating right and exercising, then “cheating” during the weekend? You’re hardly the only one. Rather than continually taking steps back every Friday afternoon through Sunday evening, use the following tips to make healthy weekend choices and further your weight loss efforts:

Order An Expensive Cocktail

Stop ordering five cheap beers or mixed drinks every time you visit a bar on the weekends. Intoxication is known for resulting in poor food choices due to the lowering of inhibitions. Order one expensive drink the next time you go out, as it makes it less likely that you will keep drinking…and keep consuming empty calories.

Plan Food Orders

Avoid peer pressure when out to dinner by planning what you will have ahead of time. Look at the menu before you go out so you don’t feel “inspired” to order that five-cheese ravioli your friend is getting. Find a dish featuring lots of fiber and vegetables, and stick with your choice instead of those fried appetizers everyone else wants.

Account For Splurges

Enjoy splurging at brunch or dinner, but make healthy choices the rest of the day/weekend. Order mimosas and that stack of pancakes, but don’t allow it to affect what you eat during the weekend’s remaining hours.

Remember To Cook

Use your weekend time to prepare healthy meals, such as dinners for the week or a protein-packed breakfast. People often use weekends as an excuse for takeout, but such practices are hardly going to help your weight loss efforts.

“By sticking to nutritious, low-calorie meals, especially on weekends, you’re committing to a lifestyle change that can result in a significant amount of weight lost,” says Cara Walsh, RD, of Medifast California.

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