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Want to work out in the morning use these tips

Let’s face it: most aren’t “morning people.” And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it can absolutely interfere with your desire to exercise in the AM. Rather than never working out in the morning and feeling bad about yourself later in the day, check out a few tips and tricks to help you out for fast weight loss:

“Rude” Alarm

Set an alarm with a noise you find extremely irritating. Place the alarm on a table or desk so you must get up and turn it off. Once you’re up, stay up.

Night Before

Put out your workout clothes and any correlating accessories the night before. This saves time in the morning, and reminds you that it’s workout o’clock.


Create a playlist you know will get you up and moving. Knowing you’ll get to enjoy your favorite tracks is a big incentive to work out.

En Route

Work out at home or in a space that’s on your way to work. This could be a park with cross-training equipment, your local gym, etc.


Plan workouts with friends who love exercising in the morning. Knowing you’ll have to face them if you skip the workout is another big incentive to get you moving when the sun comes up.


Set reminders around your home that concern why you want to work out in the AM in the first place. This could be because you’ll have more time to yourself after work, because you need to look great for a certain event, or any other reason that’s important for you. Little reminders can go a long way, so be sure to place them in areas where you’re sure to see them on a daily basis.

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