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Waiting for a flight to, well, anywhere is often long and tiring. Rather than sitting around the entire time, as you’ll be doing plenty of that on your flight, use the time to exercise. There’s plenty of exercises to perform as you wait, most of which aren’t super-obvious and won’t have everyone who sees you wondering what the heck you’re doing.

Check out a few ideas for quick weight loss before boarding:


Squats are a fantastic exercise you may perform just about anywhere. You might as well stand while waiting for your flight anyway, so why not throw some squats in the mix? Make certain your posture is good, your feet are square, and your weight is on your heels. Perform as many squats as you like while reading a book or magazine, or stand against a wall and see how long you can hold the position. Rest and repeat for best results.


Most airports are quite sizable, with some, such as the Denver International Airport, featuring a tram system because it’s so huge. Walk around the airport as many times as possible at a brisk pace and burn calories before boarding.

Arm Exercises

Use heavy carry-on luggage and bags as weights! Remember to always lift with your thighs instead of your back, and see how many reps you can fit in before final boarding call. You’ll probably be surprised!


Lunges are another exercise easily performed almost anywhere. Give your legs some much-need love before you fly, as they’re going to be (pretty much) in the same position for several hours. Aim for at least 10 reps for each leg.

Get your blood circulating before flying! Use waiting time to exercise and see if you don’t feel that much better when you land.

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