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Unusual ways to burn calories this summer

Summer may be synonymous with outdoor activities, but if you want a change from swimming at the local pool and running around your neighborhood, you are in luck. The following unusual if not goofy ways of burning calories all lend themselves to summertime fun so you can help Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic.

Water Fight

Get cool and lose weight with a water fight! Not only does it mean running around, it also pumps the arms and works the abs from all of that throwing and dodging. Enjoy filling up more than few balloons and having a great time with friends or your kids in the backyard this summer.

Cold Shower

Hop in the shower after a sweat session to burn even more calories. The frigid water makes your body work harder to stay warm and burns calories in the process. The same is true of drinking cold water–your body will burn calories to return to the right temperature.

Video Games

Play video games on days when it is too hot to go outside. Dance and fitness games make burning calories really fun, not to mention something you can do with the kids. See if you can dance in time with the songs and you will probably start laughing…which also burns calories!

Summer Cleaning

Keep the cleaning going as spring morphs into summer. Wash the windows, sweep the driveway, scrub the bathtub(s), weed the vegetable and flower gardens, prune dead or dying branches off your trees, clean the pool…you get the idea. All of these activities burn calories and help you maintain a cleaner, healthier home.

Another unusual way to burn calories this summer? Playing with the kids’ outdoor toys, such as hula hoops and jump ropes!

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