No two people approach diet and exercise the same way, and it’s important to find what works for your needs so you remain motivated. Let’s look at a few unique diet and exercise tips to help you craft the perfect regimen for fast weight loss:

Find the Right Photo

One unusual weight loss tip comes in the form of a photo. Find a photo of yourself at your heaviest and put it on your refrigerator or anywhere else you’ll see it on a daily basis. Use it as inspiration to get up and get moving!

Make a “Fit Bank”

This tip is a way to help you save money! Every time you want to skip a workout but don’t, or eat a calorie-heavy snack and go for the healthy option instead, put one dollar in your “fit bank,” whether it’s a simple jar or an actual piggy bank. Once the jar/bank is full, treat yourself to whatever you want, such as a new bathing suit that celebrates your weight loss efforts.

Think About Your Plate Color

Studies indicate the color of your plate has an effect on how much you consume. If food contrasts greatly with the plate it’s being served on, portions look bigger and people tend to give themselves smaller portions.

Don’t Weigh Yourself Every Day

While you may think weighing yourself every day is helping you, it can actually hinder your quick weight loss goals. Try tracking results on a weekly basis, or every two weeks instead.

Place a Napkin Over Your Plate

Before you finish your meal, place a napkin over your plate, or ask for a doggy bag. This means you won’t be consuming unnecessary calories, especially if you’re already very full.

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