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Turn household chores into a fitness routine

A common fitness woe is “not having time to work out.” If you find scheduling time to exercise challenging, turn basic household and property chores into a workout regimen. You’ll burn calories and may even be motivated to try new exercises.

Cooking, Ironing, Dusting

Start with easy stuff, especially if you have not worked out lately. Light activities such as dusting, food prep, and ironing get the blood flowing and the muscles loose. Try to incorporate some exercise moves as you work, such as lunges or squats.

Cleaning Closets & The Garage

Clean out your closets and garage to work more muscle groups via squatting, reaching, and bending over. See if you break a sweat as you go, which indicates the burning of calories. The more you bend and stretch, the better.

Stacking Firewood & Gardening Chores

Move on to the outdoors to get even more of a workout. Try stacking firewood (away from your house to avoid termites), weeding, raking leaves, and planting seeds. You will still be bending over and squatting in addition to seriously working your arms and core.

Additional Tips

Remember, even if you do not break a sweat, you are still promoting optimal blood circulation and are helping your body stay loose, limber, and healthy. It also means you are sitting less! Aim for at least 30 minutes of work, then graduate to 45 and 60 minutes of chore-related exercise. It is possible to burn up to 250 calories an hour from housework.

Other great chores that serve as calorie burners include vacuuming, mopping, washing high windows, and taking out heavy trash and recycling bins.

Make every day a calorie-burning challenge to help Phentermine do its job! Have fun and great creative.
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