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Tricks for snacking less at night from nutritionists

Is nighttime snacking harming your weight loss efforts? If you cannot seem to give up evening treats, use the following tips from nutritionists to do better at night. Getting over the nighttime snacking hurdle will do wonders for your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen!

Eat A Protein-Heavy Breakfast

Eat breakfast foods high in protein to not only make smarter food choices during the day, but to avoid craving sugar at night. Consume at least 30 grams of protein every morning for best results.

Make Sure You Eat Enough During The Day

Do not skimp on daytime meals because you want to save calories for dinner or post-dinner snacks. Failing to eat enough during the day is a great way to end up crazy-hungry at night.

Eat Slowly

Instead of scarfing down snacks or meals, learn to eat at a slower pace.

“If I’m truly hungry, I’ll eat a 100-calorie pack of pistachios,” says registered dietician Amy Gorin. “Because they’re in shells, they take longer to eat, reducing the risk of mindless munching.”

Think About What Nutrients You Overlooked

The next time you want to grab that bag of chips or box of cookies while watching your favorite late-night show, think about what you ate during the day.

“Did you get enough fruit? Did you eat any vegetables? How was your protein intake? If you are lacking in any one group, let that be your first choice,” says registered dietician Sarah Pflugradt.

Make Your Own “Candy Bars”

Learn to make your own sweet treats that still fall into the nutrition category.

“I like to melt dark chocolate chips in algae oil, and then dip half a banana into the melted chocolate,” says registered dietician Chelsea Fuchs. “Once the banana has cooled, I pop in the freezer for a delicious frozen banana treat.”

Use these tips to avoid nighttime snack temptations for good!

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