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Trainers share how they finally lost weight

Numerous trainers recently shared their weight loss stories with Women’s Health Magazine. Enjoy the following excerpts to inspire your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss journey:

Make It Fun

The best exercise you can do isn’t the hardest one, but the one you’ll do most consistently. For me, that meant giving up running—which I hated and was causing me to injure constantly—and trying non-traditional exercises, such as pole dance and aerial fitness. I couldn’t believe it, but my body responded better to that than any boring gym routine, and I’ve been dancing my way fit ever since!” –KK Hart, fitness expert and studio owner

Consider Group Exercise Classes

I first started going to the gym when I began to lose weight, and honestly, I was too embarrassed to use the machines because I had no idea what I was doing on them. I started taking group classes, like Zumba, step, and cycle, and found that it was much more fun to work out with a group than by yourself—I learned what kind of exercise worked best for me and it became a passion of mine. I also have a spreadsheet that I log all of my training and class exercises in so I can look back to a month ago and see how far I’ve come.” –Linda Pyeatt of Youfit Health Clubs

Set Emotional Goals Too

I was so involved with my family and raising kids that I just stopped taking care of myself. Thirty-five pounds and some eye-opening photos later, I knew I had to make a change. I tried everything from Pilates to yoga, and decided to try indoor cycling. During my very first class, I was in the very back of the class and could barely finish. I was so out of shape and pretty much sat the whole time, but it woke something back up in my heart and mind that kept me coming back.

I loved the loud music, the community—it was sweaty and challenging. I worked hard to move to the front row, then auditioned to be an instructor, and now I actually co-own my own studio. My ultimate goal was to feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin; the weight loss was a bonus.” –Kelly Mreen, co-owner of StarCycle

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