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Trainer on why health & fitness is a “continuous journey”

Actress Rebel Wilson has lost weight in 2020 as part of her “Year of Health” journey. Her trainer Jono Castano recently talked about why weight loss isn’t a race, rather part of healthy lifestyle changes you make and maintain for the rest of your life. Learn what the native Australian has to say as part of your commitment to weight loss with Phentermine 37.5m.

Changing the Body

Realistic goals and timelines are keys to weight loss success, Castano notes.

I think with any type of transformation, you shouldn’t always look at the easiest option, you know, two months is not enough time to be able to change your body,” he told Yahoo! Lifestyle. “A transformation is never ending, the journey always continues, so you can never give yourself 10, 12 weeks. Because it just continues, once you reach your goal then what? Then you’re going to stop? You can’t stop, it becomes a lifestyle, you continue and you become the best version of yourself as cliche as it sounds.”

Less Time=More Stress

The trainer emphasizes that putting pressure on yourself to lose weight too quickly won’t help.

“Two months just isn’t enough time,” he added. “Don’t forget, two months, you’re putting a lot of stress on yourself. When your goal is like that and you don’t achieve it, it can cause a lot of mental problems. So, my advice is keep your goals realistic, short and then achieve them and progress from there.”

Nutrition is Key

What you eat is just as important as your activity level, Castano says.

“You can’t out-train a poor diet and you can’t let the weekend derail your fitness goals. It’s a key mistake that a lot of people make. They get to the weekend and everything goes down the drain and then basically Monday to Friday, all the hard work that they did is gone,” he remarked. “I’m all about balance, so with me, if you’re going to have one drink, whatever it is, a chocolate, that’s totally fine as long as it fits into your calorie count.”
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