Each year new health and fitness trends pop up. Whether it be a new diet plan or a new form of exercise, there’s plenty of trends to try. With such trends changing rapidly each year, it’s often challenging to keep up and know which ones are right for you. If looking for some new tips to improve your health and fitness level this year, take a look at the following list and use a few ideas to improve your weight loss efforts on Phentermine 37.5mg:

Wearable Technology

Technology became an integrated part of health and exercise in 2015. Step counters, heart rate monitors, and overall fitness trackers are everywhere these days! Choosing the right fitness tracker depends entirely on your needs. For example, some trackers do everything for you, such as counting steps and monitoring your heart and sleep patterns while others are more simplistic and only count steps or monitor your heart rate.

High-Fat Diets

As with wearable technology, another fad or trend that gained momentum in 2015 and spilled into 2016 is high-fat diets. This type of diet means consuming a lot of high (good) fat foods, lots of protein and very few carbs. By eating this way, your body is running on and burning fat all day, which helps you lose weight.

Functional Fitness

This new trend uses strength training to help improve coordination and balance. The idea is not just to tone and strengthen muscles, but to improve ability to perform daily activities. Functional fitness helps tone shoulders, arms, back, legs, all of which we use every day. Now that’s a win-win!

If looking to try new fitness and health trends, start with these and be on your way to a happy and healthy 2016!

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