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Too-rough workout check out these recovery tips

It happens: you went a little too hard with your last workout. The aches and pains that follow are surefire indications you went overboard, but rather than giving in to the soreness and subsequently putting the brakes on your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, check out the following recovery tips:

Work Out

You might think working out a day after a rough workout won’t help, but it will! Work out at a slower pace to keep the muscles working and reduce soreness. This is recommended unless you’re experiencing sharp pains or are dealing with an injury. Plan to rest the following day so your body can heal for quick weight loss.

Forget About Painkillers

Stay away from painkillers, as they simply dull pain. It’s important to let your body experience workout-related pain so you don’t aggravate the issue, as this can easily lead to injury. Additionally, many NSAIDs are hard on the stomach.

Use A Foam Roller

Work with a foam roller before and after your workouts, as well as the day after working out. The tool breaks up tissue, improves circulation, and simply makes you feel better.

Take Advantage Of Heat Therapy

Enjoy a little heat therapy by spending some time in a sauna. A dry sauna is a great thing for easing muscle soreness and ensuring blood reaches aching muscles. Aim for 15 minutes for best results.

Get Your ‘Zzs

Allow yourself plenty of rest so your body can continue to heal. “During REM cycles, that’s when your body will produce the hormones that it uses to repair the muscle tissue,” says Pete McCall, MS, CSCS. Get seven to eight hours a night to keep muscles and the rest of your body in good shape.

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