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Tips To Help You Feel Full For Longer Periods Of Time

Help Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic by eating right, exercising, and using the following tips to feel fuller for longer. Little tweaks here and there provide the extra assistance you need to stay satiated and lose weight.

Keep A Healthy Snack Within Reach

Many people reach for whatever is closest when they feel hunger pangs taking over, such as the donuts in the breakroom or the bagel at the convenience store around the corner. Keeping healthy snacks such as veggie sticks with hummus, fresh fruit, and granola nearby is key in preventing hunger-driven food choices that add to your waistline.

Chew Your Food

Taking longer to chew your food completely has a dramatic effect in helping you feel full. It gives your body time to recognize that it has had enough–the same cannot be said of woofing down that sandwich or slurping your soup. Give yourself time to relax, chew, and enjoy your meal–your body will thank you.

Watch Yourself Eat

Adding a mirror to your kitchen or dining room–wherever you eat the most–can help ensure you do not overeat. Research suggests watching yourself eat has a powerful effect on what foods you eat and how much food you consume. For example, watching yourself eat ice cream and cake generally does not produce happy feelings that make you want to eat more, because you are more aware of the unhealthy food choices you are making.

Drink More Water

Confusing thirst for hunger is a common mistake. Drink more water to not only keep your body hydrated, but to sidestep faux hunger pangs. Experts suggest drinking at least one glass of water before a meal to eat less. Water helps you feel full so you do not go for seconds…and thirds.

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