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Tips from harley pasternak

Harley Pasternak is a celebrity trainer and fitness guru who has worked with Lady Gaga and Kanye West among many others. Check out his best diet and fast weight loss tips to help you shed unwanted pounds:

Don’t Eat When You’re Hungry

“You never want to eat when you’re hungry, you want to eat because it is time to eat,” Pasternak told Fitness magazine. “When you’re hungry you have less control over how much you eat and what. Eat proactively and you’ll find you make smarter decisions and eat less.

Make Smoothies the Right Way

“Start off with your liquid base first, like water, almond milk or skim milk. Then progress from the softer ingredients like fruit or avocado and build up to the harder ones such as nuts or frozen fruit.”

Avoid Crash Diets

“Uber-restrictive diets are miserable to go through and impossible to maintain. Instead, try eating smaller, healthier meals throughout the day,” Pasternak writes in his blog for People. “Include fiber and a high-quality low-fat protein to keep you feeling fuller longer.”

Steer Clear of Exercise “Binging”

“Suddenly increasing your intensity and duration of activity can lead to injury and, just like crash diets, it’s an impossible routine to maintain.”

Keep Portion Control in Mind When at Restaurants and Parties

“First, make sure to never go anywhere hungry. You also need to understand the calorie value of different foods, and which ones have high volume and lower calories and are nutrient dense (like your fruits and veggies). Always start with a lean protein on your plate and then build around that.”

Be Patient With Yourself

“Make small, realistic changes to your routine and lifestyle that you can maintain with consistency for a lifetime.”

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