If you are dreading your upcoming buffet lunch or dinner event because of your new Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss regimen, take a moment to breathe. It is entirely possible to navigate a buffet successfully so you do not end up with heaping piles of mac ‘n cheese or hitting the dessert area hard. Use the following tips to feel good at the end of the event instead of berating yourself for eating too much:

Inspect Your Options First

Take inventory of everything the buffet has to offer to find a few healthy things you like. Make the healthiest foods you enjoy the ones you fill up on so other options become less tempting.

Let Others Help Themselves First

Allow other people at your event to dig in first, as it is easy to load too much food on your plate when it has just been served. Being first in line also makes visiting the buffet for seconds more likely because you will have finished your food before everyone else.

Choose A Smaller Plate

Opt for the salad plate over the dinner plate to keep your portions small. It is easy to overload when you have a big plate to fill!

Remember To Eat Slowly

Slow down and chew–really chew–every bite. Eating too quickly makes it challenging for the body to know when it is full, resulting in eating more than you need. Pace yourself so your body recognizes when it is satiated.

Eat Salad First

Eat a large salad filled with plenty of leafy greens and nuts before enjoying your entree and dessert. Fiber digests slowly so you will not feel famished during your buffet outing. It also means you are starting your meal on a healthy note.

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