If exercise is not your favorite thing but you still want to lose weight, try the following tips as part of your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen. They will help you whittle your middle quickly!

Forget Diet Beverages

Diet soda and other diet drinks may seem like the healthier options, however they typically contain artificial sweeteners that impair weight loss efforts. Artificial chemicals interfere with bodily hormones and enzymes to increase rather than decrease your waistline.

Make Portion Control Easier

Help yourself stick to healthy portions of food by purchasing flatware that measures single servings of different food types. If you want to purchase prepackaged food, always go for the single servings to avoid overeating.

Eat In The Dining Room

Eat your meals in your dining room rather than an eat-in kitchen. Research indicates those who dine in a separate room are less likely to eat as much because the food is not as readily accessible.

Use Vanilla Extract

Wear a vanilla-scented patch or use naturally-scented vanilla perfume to help curb cravings. Studies have shown the scent makes it easier to eat less of everything, especially desserts.

Eat Lunch With The Boss

Try eating with your boss if you want to!

“Arguably people with higher status are more weight-conscious, they’re more concerned about their own body image, and they’re more likely to practice weight-related lifestyle such as dietary habits and physical activities and control their weight,” says Lijun Song, PhD. “And if you are surrounded by people like that, you’re exposed to a stronger network norm of weight control. You’re more likely to become more conscious of your body weight, more likely to receive assistance with weight management, and are more likely to observe and imitate weight-control behaviors.”

Keep in mind that exercise will help Phentermine work better and contribute to your overall health and weight loss goals. Find something you enjoy to make working out seem like less of a chore!
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