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Tips for preventing office weight gain

Those who work in an office are often susceptible to weight gain, whether because they barely move from their desks all day, constantly eat out for lunch, are always snacking on breakroom donuts and bagels, or all of the above. If you work in an office and recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss regimen, help yourself sidestep the “office 15” with these tips:

Pack Healthy Lunches Every Night

“Try to organize your day in such a way that food decisions are made in the evening or at a time when your stress level is likely to be lower and you have more time,” says Adam Brumberg, deputy director of Cornell University’s Food & Brand Lab. “Making a lunch the night before is a much better than the option for calorie-laden convenience.”

Keep Healthy Snacks Within Reach

“Half of the battle is organizing your physical space to support your goals, in this case avoiding office job weight gain, and then making food decisions when you’re less likely to be stressed out,” Brumberg says. “A tactic as simple as thoughtfully arranging the food in your office can have a lot to do with what you grab when snack cravings strike.”

He goes on:

“You take advantage of the convenience factor by stocking up on low-calorie food like unsalted nuts, low-calorie granola bars, and keeping them in your top drawer–while you stash the Hershey Kisses in a locked drawer where they are out of sight.”

Be Mindful When Eating Lunch

“We know that if we’re not paying attention to food, it doesn’t register in our brain, making us hungrier later,” says weight management expert and author Karen R. Koenig, LCSW. “I treat a good number of teachers who are always taking care of other people, some of whom can’t even keep their doors closed during lunch; there is this barrage of constant interruption. I encourage them to go sit in their car so they can have the peace and quiet to eat their lunch, and really enjoy it. When you eat, you should be present enough to know when you are full and satisfied.”

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