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Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss and Preventing Weight Regain

Often, something will prompt somebody to start thinking about their health, like a recent visit to the doctor, how they look in the mirror or how they feel. For people who have attempted to carry out a weight loss regime in the past, they understand that the difficulty often lies not in starting it, but continuing it past the first optimistic blush of motivation. Investing in exercise, diet and mindfulness are powerful ways for maintaining weight loss and preventing regains.


For quick weight loss, there’s nothing like exercise. Cardio training is ideal for strengthening your heart and muscles and for shedding pounds. Running, jogging, walking, cycling or swimming are all proper cardio workouts. Weight training can also help. 

You’ll want to develop a plan that suits your current physical state and go from there. Make sure that you’re not taxing your body too much and build in time for recovery.


Stay away from processed foods and create your own meals as often as you can. Unprocessed fruits and vegetables are super-healthy and low-calorie. Nuts and beans can provide you with protein for energy. Plan your meals with mindfulness.


Besides diet and exercise, mindfulness can be the difference between absent-minded snacking and looking beyond those empty calories to the future self that you desire. Eating is closely related to your feelings, and craving could be your mind telling you that you are stressed, tired or agitated. Once you begin to evaluate those feelings, you are better apt to let those cravings pass.

Research has shown that about 30 percent of Americans are overweight. It’s not easy to stick to a weight loss plan when there are fast food options around every corner. To lose weight and keep it off, you’ll need to create a feasible plan that isn’t too taxing and doesn’t strive to move too fast. Arriving at and remaining at your ideal weight is not. sprint, but a marathon. Visit a health and wellness store today to get the energy supplements and other nutritional boosters that will help you lose that weight and keep it off.

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