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Tips for losing weight this winter

Winter is practically synonymous with weight gain, however it is possible to lose weight while the weather outside is frightful. Taking Phentermine 37.5mg is key in controlling your appetite and staving off winter weight gain, as is using the following tips and tricks.

Drink Lemon Water

Drink lemon water every morning to help maintain your weight. Make it the first beverage you consume to “kick-start” your body for the day.

Don’t Starve Yourself

“The worst mistake people can make during the holidays is skipping entire meals or eating only celery sticks all day in order to save room for a huge evening meal,” says New Hampshire-based personal trainer Tommy Rickard. Not eating enough actually slows your metabolism, so keep this in mind!

Swear Off “Seconds And Thirds”

Avoid eating seconds and thirds of dinner, whether enjoying a holiday feast or not. Fill your plate with healthy-yet-satisfying options such as roasted veggies, and limit the amount of foods that will only add to your waistline. Think mashed potatoes, assorted pies, gravy, and mac ‘n cheese.

Cook Extra Portions

Making a healthy stew or other low-calorie dish for dinner tonight? Cook extra so you have some for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

“If you make something like a casserole with bean pasta, that will last several meals. Pair it with a veggie side. If you get tired of it, freeze the extra portions—you’ll want them in a few weeks,” suggests Amy Gorin, MS, RDN.

Cut Back On Food And Drink After 6pm

Remain aware of the time to avoid eating and drinking too much at night. This can be difficult in the first few weeks of winter when it gets dark out so early, however if you switch to lemon water after 6pm you will avoid piling on the pounds.

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